Air Fryer vs Microwaves (Which One is Better?)

Air fryers are significantly healthier than microwaves and are also better for the environment. While microwaves may require oil, air fryers do not. Air fryers can do a wide range of tasks that rely on oil, such as baking and frying.

Before you buy a new appliance, make sure that you thoroughly consider the various factors involved in its purchase. Both microwave and air fryers use different frequencies and features to cook food.

Air frying and baking are both healthy cooking methods. Before buying, read our reviews to know which method is best for you. Also, look for verified testimonials on countertop microwaves.

Microwave vs Air Fryer Comparisons

One of the best features of air fryers is that they can cook a meal without using oil. Also, they can retain the nutrients of the dish.

Although microwaves are commonly used for cooking, they often do not retain nutrients that are lost during the process of cooking. This is because the heat helps in killing harmful pathogens that enter the food.

Cooking Time

Air fryers take a long time to cook the food compared to a microwave. For instance, if you decide to grill chicken wings, it might take you around 15 minutes to cook them in an air fryer.


Air Fryers are great for preparing various recipes. They can also be used to cook vegetables and seafood.

Power Consumption

An air fryer uses less than a microwave. In most cases, it uses around 1500 watts, which is typically enough to cook about 40 minutes. On the other hand, a microwave uses up to 1200W for most purposes.


While microwaves can cook large batches of food, an air fryer is commonly used to cook smaller batches. For instance, while preparing churros, you can only place a few at a time in an air fryer.

Air Fryer vs Microwaves Heating Methods

Air fryers and microwaves are different types of cooking equipment. They use different methods of heating.

As microwaves heat the food, the molecules vibrate, creating heat. This process helps evenly distribute the heat over the food. An air fryer is similar to a microwave oven.

The advantages of each type of appliance are often related to the problems that they solve. For instance, an air fryer can take longer to cook food while a microwave does it incredibly fast.

While microwaves are quick to cook, they can lose some of their flavors. An air fryer is a great alternative to microwave food.

How Do Microwave Ovens Work?

Microwaves do not have a heating element. Instead, they rely on radio waves to generate heat.

The metal material inside the unit prevents microwaves from escaping and helps protect against radiation exposure.

Since microwaves can’t escape through the metal compartment, they bounce around inside the food. The water molecules in the food then vibrate rapidly, producing heat.

A standard oven uses a heating element that’s designed to radiate heat. This feature prevents the internal temperature of the oven from rising as it cooks.

Conventional ovens tend to cook from the outside. This is because microwaves are equipped with a water-resistant lid that prevents them from cooking unevenly.

As microwaves heat the water molecules in the food, they can quickly heat the areas of the food that have high water content. This is why they can easily dry out food.

Proper Way Of Using Microwave

The main issue is that when heated, the food’s flavors and aromas are released, which can only be prevented by the cooking time. This is why it is important to keep the food at a consistent temperature to avoid these effects.

Too much heat can also cause food to dry out quickly, which can affect the flavor of the food.

The other difference is that when you brown or crisp the food, it affects the taste. This is because the outer surface of food is different from that of microwaves.

While it’s hard to recreate the crisping and browning effect of microwave cooking, you can still make sure that the flavors are released properly. This can be done by taking the food out and occasionally reducing the heat.

How Do Air Fryers Work?

An air fryer uses convection heat to cook food. It heats food by distributing heat around a heating element, which is then cooled by a fan.

An air fryer is a type of deep fryer that uses oil instead of fat. Instead of just pouring oil on the food, it coats the food in oil.

The air fryer utilizes a heating coil and a fan. The fan is used to cool the air while the coil is used to cook.

Some basic features of a timer include temperature and timer adjustments. These settings can be controlled with a variety of buttons and a digital display.

Air fryers are commonly used for preparing various kinds of fried food, such as French fries. They can also be used to prepare different meats and vegetables.

You can either lightly coat the food in oil or spray it on a spray bottle. These methods are both very different but they do the same thing: They use less oil.

Proper Way Of Using Air Fryer

While microwaves may take away the flavor of air fryers, they take longer to cook. If you are trying to reduce the cooking time, try stuffing the basket with more food.

While cooking, shake the basket occasionally to help stir the food. Doing so will help cook the food more evenly.

You can also prepare a meal in both the microwave and the air fryer. For instance, you can prepare chicken breasts and then add breading.

Pros and Cons Of Microwaves

A microwave is a versatile appliance that can be used to prepare different food items. It can also be used to warm up food. It is typically used to prepare soups or coffee.

An air fryer can cook meat six times faster than a traditional oven. It’s also quicker to cook vegetables and chicken.

Energy-efficient microwaves are very energy-efficient. They work instantly and do not require the use of a hot plate to produce and these appliances are also precise and easy to use.

Although a microwave oven is fast microwaves can dry out food due to their use of water molecules. To prevent this, try adding a damp towel to help keep the food from drying out.

Since microwaves can’t penetrate thick food, they often have to be used with caution.

When cooking food that’s more than two inches thick, the heat from the outer portions of the food will still reach the interior. This ensures that the food will not get too hot.

Pros and Cons Of Air Fryers

The advantages of Air fryer include it contains less fat and is also easier to clean.

Air fryers are great for people who like fried food. They provide various advantages such as reduced-fat, better cleanup, and no oil burn.

Pan-frying and deep-frying can cause bubbles in hot oil. If this happens to you, then it’s time to remove the oil, reheat food and protect yourself from the burns.

When using a deep fryer, it’s possible to fry a batch of French fries for around five to ten minutes. An air fryer is more common since it’s quicker and can create batches of fries that can be quickly eaten.

Due to the size of the air fryer, it may require a few batches of cooking. However, they can still cook food quickly compared to other methods.

Air fryers are typically bigger than microwaves, but they’re also designed to fit on a counter. They provide a limited amount of space, which limits the types of meals that can be prepared.

Are Air Fryers Safer Than Microwaves?

Air fryers are safer than microwaves as the latter releases radiation and cause negative effects. Microwaves need to be used with caution as they cannot penetrate thick food.  The oil-free cooking of Airfryers reduces calories which makes it healthier than a microwave.

An air fryer is a small device that’s capable of cooking various food items without the use of oil. It’s a great way to enjoy fried food without being stuck in deep oil.

Air fryers are a great alternative to microwaves and are less expensive. They are equipped with a built-in hot air system that cooks deep-fried dishes without using oil.

A microwave is a cooking device that uses hot air to cook food. It has a built-in heating chamber that’s designed to evenly distribute heat across the food.

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