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Since I hate waiting for road assistance, I often use a portable tire inflator to get back on the road quickly. It can help me get back on the road without relying on anyone else’s help.

Below are some of the best portable tire inflators for emergencies. They’re based on the ratings and experience of our testers.

Portable tire inflators are typically not powerful enough to be compared to plug-in ones. However, their portability has gained due to the advancements in battery technology.

The cubic feet per minute metric is the most important metric to consider when it comes to air compressors. For most road applications, a unit with a 1 cfm will do the job.

The other important number to keep in mind is the maximum psi. This is a measure of how fast the air can be supplied.

If you’re a casual driver, we suggest the more portable models. If you’re a weekend warrior, we suggest the more expensive ones.

Best portable tire inflator overall

EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump, Digital Tire... Opens in a new tab.
  • Convenience: Plug directly into Cigarette Lighter Socket of your Vehicle. 12VDC, 10 to 15 amps, 120 to 180W. Equipped with 12V-DC...
  • Multiple Uses: Inflate tires on cars, bikes, sedan and midsize SUV. (Engine size under 3.5 liter) Universal valve connector for...
  • Capacity: Does NOT Support truck tires, for instance: light truck tires (LT), heavy duty truck tires or any truck tires.
  • Easy to Read: 4 Display Units: PSI, KPA, BAR, KG/CM; LED FLASHLIGHT: Bright Torch
  • Prevent Over Inflation: Auto shut off when reaching the desired tire pressure. Overheat protection shuts off automatically when...

The EPAuto 12-volt air compressor is a portable unit that’s ideal for car tire applications. It measures just 3.8 pounds and has a width of 3.5 inches. Its air pressure can reach a maximum of 70 pounds per square inch.

A screw-on tire chuck makes this DC tire inflator easy to set up. It will automatically turn on once its air pressure has reached a preset level. It can also measure tire pressure in psi, bar, and KG/CM.

If you’re planning on using the portable air compressor for more than 15 amps, make sure that the outlet for your cigarette lighter can handle the power. Also, make sure that your car’s battery is charged before using it.

This is a quieter than average pump. It’s built to last and works great when used with my car’s tire pressure. Its quick and easy to use.

It has a good carry handle and a light is a good feature. Its easy to read display and set tire pressure. It operates well and is very quiet when used.

This is the best portable inflator I have used. It’s fast, it’s efficient, and it’s quiet.

Some questions about the pump’s PSI protection when connected to a hose. It seems that it may run a little over the stated psi when connected to a hose. Having this feature will allow you to work inside the car without constantly monitoring the pump.

Best cordless 20V portable tire inflator

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Cordless Tire Inflator, Cordless &...
  • Digital gauge to view current pressure and set target pressure
  • Automatic shutoff stops the unit once the desired pressure is reached
  • High-pressure and high-volume outputs
  • Included Components: (1) BDINF20 Inflator, (1) Ball Needle, 1) Presta Valve Adapter, (1) Small Inflatable Adapter, (1) Large...
  • No battery included

If you’re looking for a replacement for the cord of your tire inflator, the Black & Decker CF20V Max air pump is a great alternative. It’s powered by a 20-volt battery and can work seamlessly with most existing Black & Decker tools.

A threaded chuck helps keep the tire valve tight and the automatic shut off valve prevents over-inflating your tires. This air compressor works seamlessly with most tire pressure sensors.

This digital tire inflator features a built-in pressure gauge that lets you inflate air mattresses. It’s also easy to use with a low or high pressure. It’s also compatible with various sports balls.

This air compressor comes with a 20-volt battery and a charger.

Because I already have a black &decker drill with the battery, I decided to get this. I was initially confused as to how this worked, but in reality, it does not work with the battery. Also, make sure that after changing the battery power, you press the button in the center of the plus to power it on.

This inflator has a built-in 12V power supply and 120V AC input, and it automatically inflates to the desired pressure. It also has a built-in tire pressure gauge.

Don’t trust the reviews – most of them were created by people who actually bought this device.

Best value portable tire inflator

HAUSBELL Portable Air Compressor for Car Tires 2023 U...
9,015 Reviews
HAUSBELL Portable Air Compressor for Car Tires 2023 U... Opens in a new tab.
  • 【2023 Model】Never worry about finding an inflator that can handle 4 tires with 2023 HAUSBELL air compressor inflator. Compact...
  • 【New Upgrade of Core Components】:1.High speed motor with thicker copper wire. 2.Universal cylinder upgraded to high-strength...
  • 【POWERFUL DESIGN】: Compared with other brands of inflators that can only charge 1 tire at a time, the HAUSBELL air pump can...
  • 【CONVENIENT TO USE】: With the precise and bright digital tire pressure gauge display, you can make one-click adjustments...
  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】: Take the HAUSBELL 12V DC Tire Inflator to the trailhead, the campsite, or a roadside emergency with the...

The Hausbell is a small but powerful tire pressure monitor that’s ideal for use with compact cars. Its petite size makes it easy to carry around.

The Hausbell air pump is a plug-in device that works seamlessly with your car’s cigarette lighter. Its digital readout lets users set the ideal tire pressure and automatically shut off once the device has finished inflating. At night, its built-in LED flashlight helps keep the air pump working properly.

The 12-volt DC air compressor doesn’t provide as quick a filling as some of the other options on this list, but it’s still a good choice for busy people.

I was initially leery of this pump, but it is a solid performer. I was able to properly inflate my tire in less than a minute.

My oil change will take place in November, and I’ll be filling up the slow leak tire 4 times. These have worked perfectly each time.

The screen could have been enlarged to give more brightness to the letters , but it would have been very difficult to read the air pressure modes without having small letters. Also, the small letters are very difficult to read when exposed to bright sunlight.

Best heavy-duty portable tire inflator

ARB (CKMTP12) 12V Twin Motor High Performance Portable Air... Opens in a new tab.
  • Ultra compact twin motor, dual cylinder design makes this the high flowing portable compressor of its size on the market at 6.16...
  • Integrated aluminum air tank and pressure switch regulates pressure between 135 PSI and 150 PSI which is suited to most air...
  • Mounted in a waterproof carry case constructed from a durable impact resistant polymer; the carry case has convenient compartments...
  • Ducted IP55 sealed brushed DC cooling fan and anodized aluminum motor mounting brackets effectively dissipate heat from the...
  • IDEAL FOR INFLATING TIRES ON THE GO OR TO HAVE HANDY WHEN USING MOST AIR TOOLS. Kit includes: Water proof case, twin compressor,...

The problem with air compressors is that they can’t fit a wide variety of tires, such as those used for truck tires and SUV tires.

This tire pump works by connecting to the battery and has a 1-hour duty cycle. It’s also long enough to set the unit on the ground even when connected to a car’s air hose.

The ARB RV air pump has a pressure switch that lets you set a maximum pressure of 135 to 150 psi. This unit is also capable of running on non-load conditions.

This air unit is heavy, but it’s also spendy. It has a carrying case that measures about 19.5 inches wide.

The case is sturdy and the fittings are good. The little schrader valve is working well. I like how it fits over my JKU and my F150.

The alligator clips are too small. They can’t fit over my vehicle’s battery terminal. Also, they don’t have ridges on them, which makes them unusable.

Best cordless 18V portable tire inflator

RYOBI P737 18-Volt ONE+ Portable Cordless Power Inflator for... Opens in a new tab.
  • ONE+ COMPATIBLE! This tool runs on the power sources used in Ryobi’s ONE+ battery system, making this purchase extra smart for...
  • PORTABLE PISTOL PUMPING POWER: Ryobi’s P737 is smaller than most inflators, boasting an ergonomic pistol grip handle for easy...
  • SAVE MONEY AND TIME spent on purchasing extra accessories for other portable inflators. The Ryobi P737 boasts TWO high-pressure...
  • SPECS: 20” hose, 2” pressure gauge, 0-150 PSI, 18V, 2.5lb, cordless operation
  • STORAGE: a compartment at the base of the tool holds all bits and nozzles for your convenience

The Ryobi Cordless Power Inflator is a great way to add air to your tires. It works with the Ryobi One Plus battery system.

The Ryobi has a digital pressure gauge that provides accurate tire pressure readings. It also has a pistol grip design.

This is a great tool to keep your tires inflated. It’s easy to use and works great for us.

What I expected was that this would be useful for inflating car, truck, and trailer tire pressure. Instead of waiting for the air compressor to build pressure, this thing will raise it in about 30 seconds.

It gets hot at the business end when you handle the short hose. However, it is still working fine on everything I have used it on.

I have a hard time filling up my tires when I need a bit of air. This unit is a lifesaver, it’s easy to use, and it will always add more air as needed. Its built in PSI sensor lets me know how much to add, and it’s always smiling when I put it away.

Since I use fat trike tires, I usually inflate them at 15 psi for the streets and 5 – 8 psi for the beach sand. This pump saves me a lot of time and helps keep my tires inflated properly.

The pressure gage is not as accurate as it used to be, especially at low pressures. Also, inflating a tire at 20 psi produces a 17 psi difference in the tire. Despite the lack of a foot pump, this unit is still small and light weight. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.

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