Chewy Return Policy [year]

Chewy was acquired by PetSmart in 2017 for a total amount of $ 3.35 billion. Chewy’s aim is to become a 100 % customer-satisfied company.

With this aim in mind, they are practicing a 100 % return policy within one year of the date of purchase. This intense step is introduced by the company with a view to keep all its esteemed customers under its wings even though it has cost some heavy expenditure from the part of the company.

Let us try to understand some basic things about Chewy’s return policies and how they are implementing them in a dedicated and efficient manner.

The salient features of the return policy followed by Chewy will be explained in a clear and understandable tone so that anybody can clear all the doubts regarding this matter and buy any product from the company thinking that he is well protected by the best return policy that is available in the world.

This will also help a prospective buyer to understand the conditions under which his product can be returned and a refund obtained.

Chewy Return Policy [year]

Chewy’s return policy is very simple. If some buyer is not 100 % satisfied with any pet food or pet product or any of the pet accessories purchased from any one of the Chewy’s shops he can return it within 365 days of the sale.

On returning the product, he will be eligible for a 100 % refund. In addition, the company will also pay the return shipping charges if the product for which the refund is sought.

All that the company wants is the product for which refund is claimed has to remain unused by the purchaser or the date of expiry of the product should not have expired.

Chewy’s return window will be active for 365 days after the date of purchase of a product from the Chewy shop or through its online platform.

Through this window, one will have to make an application for returning or exchanging a product and for the refund of a canceled order of a product he has already purchased.

In the refund application to be filed online, the buyer will have to furnish the purchase number and some details like why he is applying for the refund.

On receiving the application the company will immediately inform the buyer, the time needed for completing the processing of the application.

This will include the probable date on which the refund amount will be credited to the buyer’s bank account.

The applicant will be given a full refund for the product which he is returning for some reason which he will have to state in the application.

The reasons which prompted him to return the product he purchased will have to be furnished. The applicant will also be given the courier certificate needed for sending the product back to the company.

He will be given the full refund and the surprising thing is that your company will be paying for the retransmission charges of the goods you have already received.

Chewy Return Policy on Opened Food

Chewy will accept any returns within 1 year of purchase, including opened food. If you have bought dog food, cat food, or any pet food and you are not 100 % satisfied, you have up to 365 days to return it to Chewy.

Chewy is a leading US retailer that deals with everything in the pet-related field which includes dog food, cat food, horse food, etc., and pet accessories.

The company is based in Florida. It has become the favorite shopping destination of pet lovers in the United States.

Chewy also has a big online platform dealing with pet food and other pet accessories. The total revenue of Chewy is the US $10.2 billion in 2019. 

The main food items sold here include food for dogs, cats, horses, other animals, etc., and the various medicines prescribed by the veterinarians.

The company has a total number of 12000 employees working in its 14 local storehouses spread across the United States.

How to Return to Chewy

The Return process is very simple with Chewy’s products.  The buyer has only to call the customer service team at their number 1-800-672-4399.

Immediately on getting the call, the company will send the buyer a return merchandise authorization as well as all the instructions needed to proceed further in the matter.

The company does not take title to the returned goods until they arrive at the company’s fulfillment center.

The company reserves its right to allow a refund to a product even if it has not reached the fulfillment center.

How to Cancel Chewy Order

Due to the covid19 pandemic, Chewy is not allowing exchanges for the goods that have been purchased and taken possession of by the buyer. Chewy provides the option to cancel an order if the goods have not been dispatched yet.

For cancellation, you need to log in to your account and select the orders menu and click on the cancel button for the products you have already purchased and now want the amount to be refunded or purchase order canceled.

Or you can directly call the customer support wing and request for canceling the order after furnishing the order number.

If the order is not dispatched, it will be canceled. If the order is dispatched then one will get only the refund after the completion of the entire process to be completed for availing the refund of a thing already dispatched.

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