Disadvantages of Air Fryer (Reasons Not to Buy)

Air-Fryers are a great way to cook and grill food. They work by transferring heat to the surface, which then creates a crispy outer layer.

Air-fried food is not only bad for the body, it can also contribute to weight gain and hormonal imbalance. Instead, try incorporating plant-based fats such as olive oil and avocado oil.

Air-frying is fast and easy to use, which means it can burn food very quickly. However, it can also cause cancer if it gets too hot.

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Takes longer to cook

Air fryers take a bit longer to cook food than traditional frying pans. However, they do tend to get better results when the food is at the ideal temperature. Deep fryers are also quicker to work with.

The time it takes to cook food in an air fryer depends on the type and brand of air fryer you use. Generally, it takes around 3 to 5 minutes to cook food in an air fryer compared to about 10 minutes in a high quality air fryer.

You need an air fryer that can reach its set temperature and also keep it at its set temperature. This will help avoid frequent and slow baking times.

More expensive than deep fryers

Some air fryers are quite expensive. If you are thinking about buying one, then I would suggest Philips Airfryers. They are the original air fryers and have the best results.

An air fryer is a more nutritious alternative to a deep fryer. It can also prepare various kinds of food, such as rice, beans, and vegetables. In addition, it’s an excellent choice for a small kitchen counter.

You can certainly prepare a variety of food items in the deep fryer, such as fish, vegetables, bread, eggs, and a whole chicken.

You might be thinking about getting a new deep fryer but first, do not buy one that has the added features of an air fryer. Instead, opt for a more budget-friendly model that uses oil.

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Loud & Noisy

Some digital air fryers can also produce loud beeping noises when they are set to operate. This is typically heard when the timer is finished or the temperature has reached the desired range.

When you do find that the noise produced by your air fryer is annoying, place it in a closed off area.

An air fryer is different from other appliances that have the same sound quality. Some of these include a hair dryer, an extractor hood, and a vacuum cleaner.

An air fryer uses a ventilation system to circulate air in its pan. This produces some noise when it’s turned on, but it’s not as loud as a regular air fryer.

Not practical for large families

There are various types of air fryers that I have at home. I tested some of these and found that the larger ones are too small to make food in a large kitchen.

The Philips Airfryer XXL is equipped with a maximum cooking capacity of 3 to 4 people. When used with an air fryer, it can cook a whole meal or make fries and a few chicken nuggets.

Although air fryers are capable of achieving better results than traditional cooking methods, they cannot get bigger than the ones on the market. This is because the larger capacity pan will reduce the circulation of air around the dish.

Sometimes, I use multiple air fryers in the kitchen. For making various dishes, I use one air fryer for each. Be aware that these appliances require quite a bit of electricity to operate efficiently.

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Hard to clean

Most of the time, people ask me how to clean an air fryer. This is the biggest complaint I hear when researching air fryers.

The main reason why people have difficulty cleaning their air fryer is that they use it the same way they used to use their old deep fryer. This is because they store their air fryer away after using it.

Air fryers are an alternative to deep fryers. They are more like a regular pan. However, they require a bit more maintenance to keep running smoothly.

It is also recommended that you thoroughly clean all the parts of your air fryer.

Not cleaning the air fryer regularly will result in the accumulation of fat and food residue. This issue can cause the parts to turn black and produce a burnt residue.

Pour some warm water and dish soap into the pan, and then let it sit for a while to remove any dirt. This method will keep your air fryer in the best possible condition. However, be sure to clean the parts by hand.

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Occassional burnt dishes

I tried to dry fruits, including mango and bananas. The first time I used the Airfryer XXL, the strawberries got stuck between the mesh bottom.

Sometimes, an air fryer can fail while trying to cook a dish. For me, this is because I am not sure what happens when I use it to prepare different kinds of food.

One of the most common questions that I get is how to use and how to make french fries with an air fryer. This is because every air fryer has its own unique characteristics.

Since I wanted to make my own granola, I poured some oats and cereal inside the prepared baking pan. However, the air circulation inside the air fryer caused the ingredients to fly around.

For the last example, I wanted to grill some cheese slices. In reality, I made a grilled cheese basket. The cheese got stuck in the meshed pattern of the pan.

It is also annoying when the dish gets failed. Usually, when something goes wrong with the air fryer, it gets burnt. Also, it prevents the pan from evenly distributing the oil.

Having a good understanding of how to use an air fryer is a must, as it will help you make better decisions when it comes to making food. Having failed once or twice will help you learn how to make different kinds of food, such as chicken, meat, and vegetables.

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Bulky and takes up kitchen space

Philips Airfryer XXL is a large and heavy air fryer that can take up a lot of space in your kitchen counter. Before you order one, make sure that the space on your counter can accommodate it.

When cleaning an air fryer, make sure that the parts are big enough to fit in the dishwasher. This is because the pan, basket, and an accessory that’s included in your sink can take up a lot of space.

Having a large size air fryer is very useful for people who are new to using one. It allows them to air fry their food much easier and without having to go through the space constraints of a small air fryer.

Smell from smoke

An air fryer is a cooking device that can produce smoke and other unpleasant odors when it gets used or gets burnt. This is a common issue with air fryers since they are used to cooking food.

When I air-fry meat or other food items, the fat gets splattered around the basket. This causes the oil and fat to burn and produces a smoky smell.

A smoking air fryer can also happen when an ingredient touches the heated element. This causes the air to bubble around the potato, which then gets scorched.

Put a lid over the basket to prevent the air fryer from smoking. Philips has various accessories that help prevent this issue.

Power cable is short

Most air fryers come with a short power cable. This cord is generally only 35 inches long. If your wall outlet is too far from where you want to set up your air fryer, then you will need an extension cable.

Before you place your air fryer, make sure that the area where it’s situated is close to a wall outlet. This will help avoid getting stuck with a mess when it gets hot.

Need to find one that’s right for you

If you’re looking for air fryers, then check out my recommended list. Or, visit my extensive guide to finding the best air fryer.

One of the reasons that I started this blog is because I think that people need help with their air fryers. This is why I created this website.

Most of the time, people are confused about the various options when it comes to buying an air fryer. Also, they tend to underestimate the price difference between different models.

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