How to Clean an Iron?

Do you know how to clean an iron? Here are some simple steps to get the most out of it.

Getting your iron cleaned once or twice a year is usually enough. However, it can also be done if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The user manual of your iron is often the first place you go when you need help. It provides helpful information on how to maintain and clean your machine. It also comes with helpful hints and tips.

How To Clean Steam Iron?

The iron can be properly cleaned with products including baking soda, vinegar, salt, or nail polish remover and apply it to the steam vent and soleplate once a week. With these easy approaches to cleaning, most of the impurities can be removed.

Getting rid of the grime on your iron’s bottom is a simple and effective way to restore its appearance. This process can be done without burning your fingers.

With proper cleaning, the iron can be reused and left to stand out. It’s also cheaper than buying a new one.

Although it’s possible to clean and maintain most appliances yourself, there are some universal tips that can help keep them working their best. These tips can help prevent issues such as iron damage and keep them under warranty.

Learn how to clean an iron and other household objects with our handy articles. Discover our other cleaning tips and tricks below.

Ways To Clean Iron

There are several ways to clean the iron including vinegar, baking soda, or ice cubes that helps to remove the stain and retain the new look. It can be applied without burning your hands.

1. Dissolve Tylenol

One of the best ways to clean an iron that has burnt residue is by taking a Tylenol tablet and setting it on the hot setting. Once the pill has melted, it will turn into a gel that will remove the burnt residue.

Wearing gloves is also important to protect your hands. However, if you’re going to use the iron, do not attempt to hold it with a pair of pliers or a small blade. Doing so will prevent you from scratching the iron.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda is known to remove stains from almost everything. Mix a couple of tablespoons of baking soda with a few drops of water and rub it around the iron plate.

3. Cotton Swab

These cotton swabs are the best tool to get inside the steam holes of steam boilers and clean them out. They can be used in distilled white vinegar to remove grime.

4. Soak a Towel in Vinegar

Another way to clean the iron plate is to rub some vinegar on a towel and then set it on the counter with the iron plate facing down. This method is very effective if your iron has corrosion.

5. Vinegar

One way to clean out the vents of a steam iron is by filling the water reservoir with half a cup of white vinegar and half a water bottle. Once the steam has finished, remove the vinegar and the residue.

6. Magic Eraser

Magic erasers can help remove stains from an iron if they’re spotted with hard water. Just rub your iron along a sponge until the stain comes off.

7. Newspaper and Salt

Put a newspaper on your ironing board and iron it on the hot setting. Salt and newspaper will get the job done.

8. Ice Cubes and a Plastic Knife

If your iron gets in contact with a piece of plastic, be sure to immediately remove it. To avoid staining the surface, place the iron plate on the ice to harden it.

You’ll need a plastic knife and a bit of patience to remove the plastic from the surface. Once done, wipe down the plastic with a cloth or a damp rag.

9. Dryer Sheets

Dry the soleplate with the sheets while the iron is at its lowest setting. When the sheet gets too hot, grab another one. This will help keep the iron clean.

10. Brillo Pad

If your iron has stuck-on glue, a Brillo pad can be used to remove all the residue without scratching your plate.

11. Nail Polish Remover

For a cleaner iron, grab a cotton ball and dip it into the acetone nail polish remover. It will quickly dissolve the residue on the iron’s surface.

How To Clean A Steam Iron Properly?

The iron steam vents can be properly cleaned by mixing an appropriate amount of vinegar and water and applying it to the damaged side of the iron. As you steam, the dirt will come out of the vents along with the vinegar.

Before you go to a commercial cleaning service, try this easy and effective cleaning method. It’s eco-friendly and can be made at home.

Set your iron to steam and remove the vinegar and other deposits. Press the steam button a few times to remove the deposits.

Your iron’s interior is clean and ready to press. Its soleplate needs to be smooth and ready to work.

How to Clean the Bottom of An Iron?

With the right approach, the bottom of the iron can be restored by applying baking soda or vinegar to the damaged part and cleaning it without burning your fingers.

Learn how to clean the iron’s bottom without damaging it. It’s important to keep it looking its best for longer and cleaner clothes.

You may have noticed that your clothes are looking cluttered and unevenly distributed. It’s time to clean up your iron.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural cleaner that works by gently scraping the iron’s soleplate clean. It’s also mild enough to remove the buildup without scratching the iron.

Clean with sea salt

Use a brown paper bag or newspaper to place your iron on the heated setting. Sprinkle a generous amount of salty salt over the top of the paper bag or newspaper.


This hack works by taking an acetaminophen tablet and gently washing your iron. It’s similar to washing your clothes using a hot iron. Just rub the tablet onto the iron’s burnt surface and then melt it into a gel.

Wax Paper

You can also use wax paper to clean your iron. Just place a small amount of sea salt over the wax paper and iron the salt without much pressure.


It is also known to remove the plaque on your teeth and the muck on your iron. This step is very easy and involves only pouring a small amount of toothpaste on any affected areas.

Distilled White Vinegar

You can also use vinegar on the inside and bottom of your iron. It’s a great way to clean dishes, clothes, and even the inside of your iron.

Wait 30 minutes to remove the dirt and vinegar. Then, mix the salt and vinegar in a saucepan and heat it until the salt dissolves. Use a microfiber cloth to remove the buildup.

It’s also known to remove iron scorch marks. Just mix a few drops of vinegar with a clean cloth and wipe the stain completely.

How Often Should You Clean Iron?

To prevent the iron from rust and dirt, it is convenient to clean it once a week or often. It also depends on the usage of iron. The more you use the iron, the more often you need to clean it.

Generally, it’s good to clean your iron every other week to remove any impurities that build upon the soleplate.

Most people don’t notice their iron is dirty until they see black specks on the soleplate. This is because the buildup of dirt and dust occurs when iron is used.

How To Maintain A Clean Iron?

The iron can be maintained properly with regular cleaning with vinegar or water. The temperature is also important to prevent it from burning.

Instead of tap water, try using distilled water. It has mineral deposits that can build up over time. Also, make sure to empty the reservoir before storing it in its laundry room.

Never iron over metal snaps, buttons, or anything else that’s decorative on your iron. This will keep your iron’s soleplate sleek and shiny for a long time.

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