Is Dry Iron Or Steam Iron Better?

The type of iron that you buy will always be based on the application that you require. Generally, you should choose between a steam iron and a dry iron. When it comes to choosing the right iron, it is important that you take into account the various differences between the two.

On one side are the people who own a Steam ironing machine and on the other are the people who own a Dry ironing machine.

Steam iron is more effective at removing wrinkles than traditional iron. In fact, steam ironing is so effective that it can also flatten clothes in record time.

Dry ironing is a traditional method of ironing. It works by taking off the clothes that are already done and then placing them in a basket.

Stem Iron Vs. Dry Iron

Steam iron is more effective at removing wrinkles on clothes with the steam penetrating on the fabric while dry iron requires more strokes of iron and a spray bottle. Steam iron consumes high power while dry iron consumes less power which is enough for clothes.

Since there were no steam irons available for consumers to use, they used to rely on a dry iron. However, with the improvement in technology, people started to use steam irons.

Although they are widely used by professionals, steam generators are not very popular in modern homes. There are many advantages to using one of this equipment.

There are two widely used methods for ironing clothes, which are dry ironing and steam ironing. These methods are both very effective and easy to use, as they provide the same services without any difficulty.

What Are The Differences between Dry vs Steam Iron?

The main difference between Dry Iron and Steam Iron is the former does not have a water tank. Dry iron has a solid soleplate whereas Steam iron has holes in the soleplate through which the steam is released.

Water Tank

The design of the steam iron and the dry iron is different. The former has a higher capacity water tank and the latter has a lower one.

This feature will allow you to quickly and easily iron clothes. It will also make sure that the clothes are in good condition when they are placed on the ironing board.

The Soleplate

The soleplate of the steam iron is also very easy to clean. However, it is important to keep the steam holes free from steam to steam the whole iron.

The soleplate of the steam iron and the dry iron are different from each other. While the former is solid, the latter has holes that are used to release steam. These holes help in loosening the wrinkles from the clothes.

Spraying Mist

A lot of steam irons come with this feature, which is known as a spray mist. This feature will allow you to effectively remove the wrinkles from the clothes by allowing the air to pass through the cloth.

Number of Features

Most of the steam irons come with a built-in steam trigger and an LED display. This makes it easier to know the current settings of the iron.

The basic features of the dry iron are pretty limited. Aside from that, it also comes with a few features that are usually only available to people with limited expertise. On the other hand, the steam iron has various settings that allow you to control its temperature.


Since a dry iron is not steam iron, it cannot be used as one. Also, it has a limited number of features that make it difficult to customize.

You also need to make sure that the steam iron is not used while it is being used as a dry iron.

Ease of Use

Dry iron has a single function, while a steam iron has two buttons, one for hot and one for cool. Both are very easy to use.

Built-in Spray Mist

Having a spray nozzle on the front of the iron allows you to easily apply a layer of fabric to the hot iron, without having to place it on its heel. This eliminates the need to place the iron on its heel to create a flat surface.

Vertical Steaming Option

This technique is done with a steam iron and is not suitable for delicate fabrics. If you’re planning on freshening up a garment or just want to keep it fresh, a steam iron will do the trick.

It is not ideal to use delicate materials on the hot ironing plate. Also, placing an ironing cloth over a garment that has been dry ironing is very time-consuming.


If the soleplate is prone to starch or other fabrics, then a dry iron is recommended. However, a steam iron is fine if the soleplate is prone to scratching. So, proper maintenance is required with proper cleaning.

Appliance Care

Before using steam, make sure that you are washing your clothes correctly. Also, make sure that the water in your steam iron is at the correct temperature. This will help keep the iron in working order.

Not being properly cared for can cause the steam iron to develop a buildup of calcium or hard water. This is an issue with dry irons since the heating elements do not come in contact with water.


With a dry iron, repeated passes are needed to get the same effect, which is why spray bottles are often used to soften stubborn creases.

Steam ironing is a great way to get rid of that annoying ironing. It’s quicker and easier to use, and it’s also more durable.

Cost Comparison

Steam iron is more expensive than a dry iron, but in most cases, it’s still cheaper than a quality iron.


You need to consider the weight of the water when choosing a steam iron. However, steam irons are more lightweight than their dry counterpart.

Doing a lot of lifting and placing of iron can cause shoulder strain. In addition, going lighter may help get some power back in your press.

The weight depends on the size and makes of your iron.

Which Iron Should You Buy?

The iron with high wattage is the best one to purchase as it removes wrinkles on cloth materials effectively. The iron with a large tank capacity should also be considered as it helps to avoid refilling iron more often.

Among the various types of iron available, there are various kinds of ironing machines that can be used for different purposes. Some of these include steam iron, dry iron, and quilting iron.

When used frequently, the steam iron will allow you to iron different kinds of fabrics with ease. It will also provide the proper setting to allow the machine to work seamlessly.

One of the most common types of steam iron that you can find is the Rowenta DW5080 steam iron. This unit features a variety of safety features that will allow you to use it efficiently. It also comes with Micro steam features that will allow you to steam various clothes.

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