Refrigerator With Ice Maker | Top 5 Best in 2020

Refrigerator with Ice maker is probably the most commonly searched and purchased fridge today. Before upgrading your refrigerator, read their features and compare them. See who ranked in top 5 in 2020.

Rank #5 Smeg FAB28URPG3

It is a minimalistic vintage refrigerator ideal for solo-living and apartments. It has a bottom freezer with an upper and bottom door in an aesthetic finish you’ll surely love. The designs can go along with your other furniture in a small space. A step-up from SMEG FAB28URPG3 , it has 3 adjustable bins, 4 adjustable shelves, and two freezer drawers.


  • Frost-Free Freezer: The no-frost technology circulates coolness on the fridge. It leaves no freezing state at any of its cabinets.
  • Life Plus °C Drawer: The fast freezing compartment chills wines and bottled products to control the temperature and preserve fresh goods.
  • Recyclable Materials: The company is known for creating environmental-friendly stylish appliances. Its annual energy consumption is only 321 kWh per year.
  • Storage and capacity: It boasts a large room for 333 fresh food capacity and 128 food capacity.
  • Independent Led Digital Display: Used for controlling the temperature, set the temperature in the main compartment and freezer.

At #4, It is Haeir HRQ16N3BGS

Refrigerator With Ice Maker

It is an energy-efficient refrigerator with Ice maker modern refrigerator that freezes and keeps food well. The quad door has stylish pocket handles. Priced at $1599, you can’t imagine how you can spot a deal for only $900. Find 17 shelves and compartment on this counter depth fridge. An elegant look for a small space, its shelves have unique blue edges on its shelves. It is ideal for organizing and finding your food at a one-time glance.


  • Sabbath Mode Functionality: Applicable for Jews, observe the Sabbath Day on modern convenience. Lights, digital displays, and compressor will turn off in this mode.
  • High/ Low Humidity Crisper: Get the ideal temperature for your leafy green vegetables and the ideal temperature for your frozen wet goods.
  • Quick Cool and Quick Freeze: The quick cool feature is ideal for protecting your already frozen goods. Quick freeze feature revs up freezing newly-stored food.
  • 6 encapsulated Door Crisper Bins: Find these bins to store and keep your handy foods fresh in the four doors.
  • Capacitive Touch Display: The display allows you to check and adjust to your desired settings to keep your food fresh and beverages chilled.


Refrigerator With Ice Maker

It is a multi-functional refrigerator with Ice maker refrigerator from Energy Star® series that goes under $2,000. It has a matte finish with stainless steel stylish sturdy handle that’s doesn’t leave fingerprints. It has a water dispenser with filters hidden inside the left-hand door. It doesn’t even look like a water dispenser at all. It has three fresh food cabinet drawers that include a full width adjustable fresh drawers, two humidity controlling drawers with indicators, and multi-level drawers.

It’s probably the most stylish yet functional affordable refrigerator you can buy for 2020.


  • 33” width: The refrigerator stores enough fresh goods. You can keep them longer at its humidity-controlled drawers. It’s an affordable refrigerator with a space most luxury refrigerators have.
  • Turbo Cool and Turbo Freeze Settings: The freezer compartment’s cooling ability speeds up the turbofans when activated. Check through the temperature display. The setting quickly turns off when opened frequently.
  • Quick Space Shelf: The model boasts its intelligent glass shelves that include a quick space shelf and more shelves that you can split and slide in for spacing needs.
  • Ice Maker with Water Filtration System: It’s located at the bottom of the freezer. The ice maker comes handy in a drawer that serves ready filtered ice.
  • Two-level Freezer Storage Basket: Store more frozen wet goods in these solidly frozen drawers that you can easily pull out. It prevents the smallest wet goods from slipping out of the basket.

Rank #2 Samsung RF28N9780SR

Refrigerator With Ice Maker

It is a smart-enabled refrigerator with Ice maker refrigerator from the Family Hub™ series with 28-cubic feet 4-door refrigerator sealed in a black stainless steel smooth finish. This refrigerator door alarms when not closed properly.

It consumes 745 kWh per year. This is the smartest smart refrigerator you can find. Download the apps to look remotely from the inside with its three built-in cameras. Talk to an AI and check all the food and drinks that you have in-store. It can even connect with your other Samsung smart appliances.  Find the filter indicators at its touchscreen and get even more temperature indicators from your phone. The drawers are kid-friendly and optimized to organize and control the temperature. With a price of $3,499.99, Samsung is setting a new smart standard in the refrigerator industry.


  • Family Hub™: Let its AI plan your meal and shop for you. Prepare your food with the amazing touch-screen door that lets you watch your favorite YouTube videos or listen to your favorite music at Spotify. The Android feature embedded on its door sets family pictures as a wallpaper screen. Bixby can even tell when your food is expiring and update you what foods to buy while you are at the market.
  • FlexZone™ Drawer: It has four temperature settings you can adjust to for wine and party dishes, delicacies, cold drinks, and frozen goods. With a single button to adjust the settings, it has a smart divider that kids can even operate.
  • Adjustable Shelves and Ice Master: Store more with its adjustable shelves that you can slide or flip-up. It has an external filtered water and ice dispenser that produces 8.8 pounds ice cube and crushed ice.
  • Twin Cooling Plus: This feature enables a high level of humidity up to 70% to keep the freshness of food without mixing food odors. The technology separates the freezer from the ice maker to prevent air transition. It has five modes to switch off portions of the fridge to save energy.
  • Built-In Camera: You won’t have to go to the fridge to open and see what’s inside your fridge. The three built-in cameras will serve as eyes to everything inside your fridge.

Rank #1 LG LUPXC2386N from LG SIGNATURE series

Refrigerator With Ice Maker

It is a 23-cubic feet Smart Wi-Fi Enabled with InstaView™ Door-in-Door feature in a counter-depth refrigerator with Ice maker refrigerator. It is a quiet French 4-door refrigerator with Compact Water Filter Lt800P on its ice and water dispenser. Led-lit tempered glasses protect its four cantilevered shelves. It has two crisp bins to keep your fruits and vegetables longer. There are three bins under each pocket-handled refrigerator doors. Drawers open automatically as you open the freezer drawer. You can even keep foods hidden from everybody without the food being noticed. 

Designed to keep away from children’s reach, open the heavyweight door with a tap of your foot under the sensors. Energy Star Qualified at 680 kWh per year, it produces 4.5 pounds of filtered ice every day. It’s a smart fridge you can connect to operate remotely.

It boasts stylish texture steel smooth finish with hidden auto-closing door hinges. For a well-deserved price of $6,298, you cannot help but fall in love with its multi-functionality features that compliment with its stylish design.


  • InstaView™ Door-in-Door: You don’t have to open its door.  All it takes is two knocks on the door to have a quick view of foods and beverages stored inside the sleek mirror glass panel.
  • Auto-Open Door: Set a single step on the “Door Open” light projection to open the door without lifting it. The functionality makes it easy to open the door when you have something in your hands.
  • Textured Steel: Boast this rock star to compliment your kitchen’s style. It boasts a minimalistic design over a textured steel finish.
  • Custom Chill Pantry: Store your food at your desired temperature with this feature that goes well from meat to fruits, vegetables, or sweets.
  • FRESHShield: Cooling, LumiShelf™, Platinum Fresh Wall

The top of the refrigerator has ducts that release cold air. These cold barriers help keep your food stay fresh longer.

Each shelf has lighting to get a better view of foods stored on each shelf.

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