What Can Be Cooked In An Air Fryer?

Any food can be cooked by frying it in an air fryer. Adding the proper amount of food is important disregarding the food types. The air fryer is an easy and healthier way of cooking than the traditional deep-fry method. Even frozen food can also be fried without losing its crispiness and taste.

Air fryers are used to cook food in a similar way to a convection oven. Instead of being heated, the hot air circulates around the food, letting it cook until it’s crisp. They’re also quicker than traditional gas or electric ranges.

They are great alternatives to deep-fried food, as they require less oil than traditional methods. They are also more nutritious compared to shallow or deep frying.

Air fryers are known for their ability to create perfectly crispy potato or healthy fried food, but they can also cook various dishes. When it comes to dessert dishes, an air fryer can be used to create batches of ice cream or make quick and easy meals.

Air fryers use intense heat to cook food, which means they can be used to prepare a variety of different meals. Some of the easiest and quick-to-cook meals are ground beef, chicken, and vegetables.

If you’re looking for a healthy snack that’s also good for you, try chickpeas. They will crisp up well in an air fryer.

Air Fryer Foods

Aside from making great side dishes, air fryers can also be used to prepare various dishes. Just make sure to avoid over-stuffing the pan or drawer to avoid over-heating the food.

Raw Meat

Air fryers are great for preparing raw meat. They can be used to cook steak in the same way as a range or hob.

Air fryers are also good for preparing fresh, raw chicken. These can be prepared in around 10 minutes.

Air frying is a great way to cook fat-rich meats such as bacon. However, it won’t remove the fat and will leave you with a thick and greasy slice of bacon.

You can also cook meatballs in your air fryer. They’ll come out with a crisp outer coating.


Air fryers are great for dessert dishes as they can handle both savory and sweet options.

You can also make small pies that work well in air fryers. They can also be made with s’mores and beignets.

Air fryers are also great for making cakes. They work by mimicking the way convection ovens work, so they can evenly distribute the cakes throughout.

Apple slices can be turned into crisp, tasty snacks, or even softer fruits such as peaches. To make them taste even softer, add a little sugar before cooking.

If you’re looking for a multi-cooker that can handle different types of desserts, consider the Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker. This appliance features a built-in air-frying unit that works seamlessly with other features such as slow-cooking and grilling.

Mozzarella Sticks

Frozen food such as mozzarella sticks and fries can be transformed into the air fryer.

These are incredibly easy to make, just add strips of bacon in a single layer to a basket and cook for around 7 to 11 minutes. It’s also faster than the oven.

Everything from steak to baked goods can be done in the air fryer. There are also various recipes that can be made with the unit.

Best Practices

If you’re new to air-frying, then these are some of the best things to fry that will help you get started. Also, make sure to keep it away from other kitchen equipment and surfaces.

Before you start cooking, preheat the air fryer. This step helps ensure that the oil is hot and the cooking grates are crisp. You can also grease the bottom of the basket. However, it is not recommended to use spray oil to prevent the pan from smoking.

You might want to add a few more potatoes to the basket, but don’t overcrowd it. Doing so will cause the food to get soggy, which will ultimately result in a pile of potato mush.

This will help evenly cook smaller items, like potato wedges or broccoli. To prevent smoke from forming, add water or bread to the air fryer before starting.

This method works well for items like burger patties, but it can also make your bacon a bit less crispy. Instead of using this method, place a slice of bread in your drawer and absorb the grease coming from the pan.

The basket and the drawer should be thoroughly cleaned every time. Doing so helps keep the food safe and helps prevent staining.

Non Preferable Foods In An Air Fryer

Before starting to use air fryers, make sure that the items that are going to be used are compatible with the air fryer. Some of the food that does not work well in the air fryer are listed below.

Battered Foods

Since the wet batter is not ideal for air fryers, it’s important to avoid using it. Also, it won’t set the same way when it’s submerged in oil.

This is a simple technique that will coat food in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs.

Fresh Greens

Since spinach and other vegetables can cook unevenly in the air fryer, they should be held at a consistent weight to avoid burning. Also, try using spinach chips to cook them evenly.

Vegetables are generally considered the best option for air fryers since they retain more moisture than ice.

Whole Roasts

Although it’s possible to fit a whole roast into an air fryer basket, it should be kept in the regular oven. Also, the roast should not cook unevenly since the hotter part will most likely still be burning once the meat is safe to eat.

Make sure the breast is facing up when cooking since air fryers heat up. Also, make sure to cook the chicken in batches so it doesn’t get too hot.


Since the air fryer is not designed to “fry” the food, placing cheese on top of it will create a mess once it gets hot.

Unless you have frozen cheese sticks, there’s a good chance that you won’t be getting fried cheese in an air fryer. Instead, stick to the stovetop for this comfort food.

Raw grains

Pasta and rice can be crisp in an air fryer, but make sure they are cooked on the stovetop first.

Even with an insert that allows water to be placed inside the air fryer, it will never get hot enough to properly boil the water. This is why these recipes are for air fryers.

Pros And Cons Of An Air Fryer

The air fryer is very easy to clean. It saves a lot of time and helps keep busy people busy. It also saves a lot of money.

Also, this appliance will not get hot. It’s a different type of cooking device that will allow you to cook in a healthy way. It’s also great for minimizing fat.

Usage Of Oil

Although oil is not required to use in an air fryer, you can still use oil should you desire. Having oil on your food can help crispen it up and provide a better taste.

Cooking Time

Follow this rule of thumb when it comes to air fryer cooking. It’s important to keep the temperature at a minimum to avoid burning. It’s also important to reduce the time needed to cook the food.

Healthier Option

Most air-fried food brands don’t require oil to work, though using a little oil before putting food in the basket will improve its texture and flavor.

While it’s possible to have air-fried food with minimal oil consumption, the beauty of this device is that it only needs a small amount of oil to create a truly crispy and satisfying dish.

Best Air Fryer Brands

Cosori is a popular Air fryer that has a large basket that holds almost 6 quarts of pre-set food. It is also easy to clean up and is great for entertaining.

Philips and Gourmia machines were at their best. We were able to achieve crisp and fresh chicken drumsticks and golden fries.

Both brands cooked these items in half the time it took to cook a standard oven.

Is An air Fryer Worth It?

An air fryer is a great alternative to a traditional oven for busy adults. It’s compact and quick to use, and it’s also less prone to burning fat.

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