What Cannot Be Cooked In Air Fryer?

Although an air fryer is a great option to cook healthier and easily, there are some foods that cannot be cooked in an air fryer. It includes wet or battered food, greens, or grains. Also, you cannot cook a large quantity of food and frozen in the air fryer.

Due to the ease of use and the versatility of using an air fryer, it has become one of the most popular cooking tools. It’s capable of preparing various quick and easy meals.

Although air fryers are very useful for various purposes, they should not be used for certain foods. Some of these can cause food to become incredibly dry or even impossible to cook.

Air fryers are great for deep-fried food, but they can also be used for other types of cooking. There are numerous recipes that can be made using an air fryer, but some of these are best left to the traditional methods.

This article shares the list of food items that are not recommended to cook in an air fryer.

Inappropriate Foods

Battered foods

Since most air fryers are designed to handle frozen or pre-fried food, this is a must-do if you want to get the most out of them. Doing so will prevent the batter from setting the way it should when submerged in oil.

Fried Fish, Corn Dogs, and Wings are all incredibly satisfying when they’re done in oil. Instead of using the air fryer for its usual fried chicken or fish sticks, try coating it in cornmeal or breadcrumbs before tossing in the herbs and spices.

Fresh Greens And Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables should not be used in air fryers. One exception to the rule is kale chips. It can be crisped into pieces or spread evenly on a plate. To avoid burnishing, use a metal rack to prevent them from clumping.

Vegetables can cook unevenly in the air fryer due to their high-speed air. It’s also important to make sure that the vegetables are well-controlled to avoid burning.

For example, Air fryer broccoli is a quick and easy fix. In order to avoid burning, you can chuck the broccoli pieces into small pieces so they’re not as big.

According to the air fryer review site Air Fryer Reviewed, frozen vegetables are a better choice than fresh ones when it comes to air fryer use. They retain more moisture and are usually more flavorful.

Eggs are also good if they’re seasoned in oil. However, frozen vegetables are the ultimate air fryer treat. They retain moisture and are more durable.

Whole roasts

Although it’s possible to get a whole roast into an air fryer basket, it’s best to stick to the regular oven.

The roast will not cook evenly if the part closest to the fire is burning before the part is safe to eat. This is because the hot air needs room to circulate.

When preparing chicken breasts, make sure they are facing up since air fryers heat up the top portion of the dish. This will help avoid burns and skin damage.


Since the air fryer doesn’t actually “fry” the food, placing cheese inside won’t help keep the melted cheese from creating a mess.

This dish is most likely going to burn in an air fryer due to the intense heat. Instead of using the grill, try using the stovetop.

Raw grains

Pasta and rice can be crisp and bright in an air fryer, but they should be cooked on the stovetop first.

Even with an insert that allows water to be placed inside the air fryer, it will never get hot enough to properly cook your food. Rice and other grains that are usually submerged in boiling water cannot be cooked in an air fryer.

Entire roasts or whole chickens

Air fryers are not limited to just serving as an alternative to an oven. However, they can’t handle most of the dishes that come with them, such as full roasts and chickens. Also, their cooking racks are too small to fit most of the food.

If you’re planning on using an air fryer, make sure that the hot air circulates in order for the machine to work. Doing so will help prevent overcrowding in the basket. Also, make sure that the skin is facing up and the breasts are facing down.


Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a novice, everyone has a preference when it comes to preparing a meal. When it comes to preparing a medium-rare burger, try this strategy.

Air fryers are not designed to handle medium-rare burgers. This means they’ll have a pink and warm interior. According to Business Insider, reaching medium-rare in the air fryer doesn’t take long

Dry seasonings

Air fryers circulate hot air. They move so rapidly that they’re like a wind tunnel. They should only be used sparingly.

When it comes to dry-seared food, Just Cook suggests adding a bit of oil or mustard to help keep the spices from flying off. Also, keep vegetables moist before adding them to the dish.

Olive oil

Air fryers are full of contradictions. They can be fun to use and provide a simple and quick way to cook a meal.

One reason why people avoid using oils with low smoke points is that their food can develop a strange aftertaste. However, some oils can still cause health risks if smoked.

Not eating enough olive oil can have detrimental effects on your health. According to the Cleveland Clinic, a low-fat diet can be good for your heart and brain, but olive oil is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.

Large Quantity Food

The size of an air fryer can vary depending on the model and the amount of food that’s in it. For instance, a standard air fryer holds about 16 quarts. However, an extra-large one can hold up to three quarts.

Conventional air fryers are generally better suited for families with kids, as they’re more durable and can handle various food items. However, they can also be used for home cooks.

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are not a recipe for an air fryer. According to Terrence Doyle of Taste, the windstorm of heat from the fryer caused the chicken to crack and spill.

Air fryers are commonly used to deep-fry chicken wings. To avoid making them look like they’re being fried, Andrea Nguyen suggests painting the exterior with a bit of oil and egg.


An air fryer is a type of oven that’s designed to allow people to make toast. It’s got a big open space and a hot air supply. However, it’s not exactly a toaster oven.

David Jarvis, the Executive Chef at NuWave, said that air fryers don’t work well for toasting.

If you’re not convinced that a toaster is the best way to make toast, try putting it on an electric grill. This is because the grill’s small chamber and high-powered fan will cause the bread to explode all over the place.


Remember when it was possible to make popcorn in a small bowl without added heat? According to David Jarvis, the executive chef of NuWave, this technique is not as common now as it used to be.

Popcorn is very difficult to pop in an air fryer, which means that it can’t handle high temperatures.

NuWave doesn’t sell a microwave drum accessory that’s specifically designed to allow for making popcorn.

Salmon Or Other Fish

Overcooking salmon is a common mistake, and it can result in it being turned into expensive cat food. This article also suggests checking the fish regularly to ensure it’s done and not overcooked.

David Jarvis, the executive chef of NuWave, said that it’s not so easy to get started with an air fryer. He explained that when it comes to cooking salmon, it’s important to avoid over-salting it and make sure that the oil doesn’t get too hot.


Not only do chickens and roasts fail to perform well in air fryers, but thick and tender steaks can also be a disaster if they are used in this method.

“People tend to take it for granted that they can do it for a long time. It’s not being monitored.”

Although an air fryer is commonly used for quick and easy cooking, Jarvis explained that it’s not a magic cooking device and that meat still has to be checked before it’s done.


While air fryers are great for making quick and easy recipes, they can also be a mixed bag. Some people swear by the smell of freshly made cookies, while others are more concerned with the appearance of the food.

For David Jarvis, the Executive Executive Chef of NuWave, it’s important to keep the batter covered in order to prevent it from blowing around or turning black.

Air fryers are far more advanced than just making fish sticks.


The experts at Food Network warn that high-pressure air can cause a mess inside an air fryer. It can also blow the fat over the top of the bacon, creating a hard and unpleasant scene on the sides of the pan.

Theoretically, a bacon-like product could be cooked in an air fryer. However, this is not the ideal method for preparing thin, fatty meat.

Dehydrated Food

Although they may look vaguely similar, air fryers are different from food dehydrators. They use different cooking techniques and are generally not as powerful as food dehydrators.

David Jarvis, the executive chef of NuWave, said that air fryers can do the job well, but they’ll need a way to hold the food down to prevent it from blowing around.

Imagine a tornado that brought down an entire load of plantain chips. The inside of an air fryer is going to look like this. According to Jarvis, if you insist on dehydrating food, then it’s going to take a while to get used to the idea of the air blowing around.


Baked goods & pastries

Contrary to popular belief, an air fryer is not limited to baking. It can also make various types of pastries, such as cupcakes, cookies, and brownies. This means that an air fryer can work seamlessly with almost any recipe.

Raw meats & proteins

These air fryers can be used to cook various kinds of meats and proteins. They can take up to 10 minutes to cook depending on the thickness and cooking method that you prefer. Having a stress-free breakfast is a great start to the day.

Air Fryers are said to give you the juicier results of an oven and the ease of use of a cooktop. However, they are not recommended for whole chickens.


The air fryer is a great tool for making fresh and crisp vegetable dishes. It can also be used to grill or fry different kinds of vegetables. Some of these include vegetables such as potatoes, spinach, and corn.

Re-heated food

How many times have you tried to re-heat last night’s dinner leftovers in the microwave or oven only to get food that was not as good as the original? Air Fryers can help you save these dishes and make them taste better.

Air Fryer Common Mistakes

Not everyone is eager to clean up after a meal. However, it is important to keep your air fryer in good working condition. This can be done by washing it with hot soapy water after each use.

While it’s cooking, make sure to regularly check up on your food. This will help ensure that the food is evenly cooked and doesn’t get burnt.

Overcrowding the basket is a common mistake first-time homebuyers make. This mistake involves filling the basket with too much food and expecting the dishes to cook evenly and thoroughly.

Generally, it’s not necessary to pre-heat food to avoid over-heating. However, if you’re using an air fryer, it’s important to wait for the machine to reach its optimum cooking conditions before baking or cooking.

So, it is convenient to look for these facts about air fryers before buying them.

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