What Is The Best Thing To Fry In An Air Fryer?

Any food type can be fried in the air fryer. You can fry Bacon, Chicken, Potato, and Vegetables with a generous amount of oil. Frozen foods can also be fried without losing their crispiness and taste. It is a healthier alternative to deep-fried food if cooked with proper frying hacks.

Air fryers are said to be one of the healthiest ways to fry food. We’ve gathered some of our favorites below. You probably know that air fryers can make various kinds of food. However, there are some foods that you might not know about that can also be made with the appliance.

Why Is Air Fryer Popular?

Air frying is a cooking technique that uses a thin layer of oil to give a slightly different texture to deep-fried food. It’s a healthy alternative to traditional fried food.

Below are some of the food that works well with the air fryer.

Best Foods To Air Fry


Making ravioli in an air fryer will turn out well due to the crispy coating on the ravioli.

Pumpkin Seeds

The air fryer is the best way to get those pumpkin seeds crispy. Unlike traditional methods, it doesn’t take a lot of time to complete.

Certain Baked Goods

Air fryers are great for making various kinds of pastries, such as sugar cookies, lava cakes, and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.


Air-frying chicken is a great way to get fresh chicken without having to spend a fortune on a meat thermometer.

Homemade Chips

You can make air-fried potato chips in a variety of ways, from sweet potato chips to kale chips.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

This tool can make hard-boiled eggs in batches. It doesn’t require water or air-frying. Instead, just peel and cook them perfectly.

French Fries

This Air Fryer is the ultimate in air-frying. It features a built-in fryer that automatically cooks French fries in batches, allowing you to enjoy them without guilt.

Egg Rolls

Air fryers are great for creating crisp egg rolls that are soft and well-cooked. They work great for both sweet and savory bites.

Food That Doesn’t Work In Air Fryer

Raw Vegetables

While the air fryer can cook up some great fried vegetables from the freezer, it doesn’t have the same capabilities when it comes to handling raw produce.

Most Greens

Putting spinach or romaine in an air fryer is not ideal, but hey, there’s one thing that you can do with these vegetables that will make them stand out and make them look good.

Fresh Cheese

You can make fried cheese curds with this device, but only if you use frozen cheese. This is because once the cheese gets stuck to the machine, it will cause a mess.

Battered Foods

The liquid batter in an air fryer will fly once it hits the surface. This means that if you don’t follow a specific air fryer recipe, you might as well not use it at all.

Foods with Loose Seasonings

Not only are spices and herbs not ideal for air fryers, but they can also cause food to get stuck in the device’s nooks and crannies. This can make it hard to clean.

Feeding a Crowd

Even the biggest air fryer can only fit food for a few people. If you have a larger crowd, you might want to make batches.

The Verdict

If you love fried chicken, french fries, or dessert, an air fryer might be the ideal device for you. However, if you tend to make a lot of dishes, an air fryer might not be the best fit for you.

Easiest Air Fryer Foods

Air fryers are usually touted as a way to reduce fat and calories from traditional comfort food. However, they can also be used to prepare a wide range of dishes.


Cooking bacon in an air fryer is a safer and easier method to use than other cooking methods.


Air fryers can turn ordinary fruit into incredibly caramelized and satisfying bites, said food blogger Dang. She often uses bananas.


Air fryers are a great way to cook a great steak, said Yankel Polak, head chef at ButcherBox.

This technique is very important when it comes to preparing a steak, as it ensures that the meat is evenly cooked.


Air-fried chickpeas are a great way to add protein and healthy fats to your diet. They’re quick to make and are easily made with spices and seasonings.


Instead of deep-fried ones, try air-fried ones. According to food expert Yankel, the secret to making air-fried doughnuts is to avoid adding a lot of wet batters.

Chicken nuggets

Air fryers are great for keeping chicken nuggets moist and tender. They can also be used to coat chicken pieces in oil.

Chicken breasts.

An air fryer is a great alternative to a traditional oven or stovetop for cooking chicken breast, according to Dang. It produces a juicier, more tender chicken breast than traditional methods.

Fish Items

Air fryers can help take some of the stress out of preparing seafood. They can also help avoid overcooking and dry fish.


Air fryers are ideal for preparing small frozen or homemade pizza dishes. According to celebrity baker Maryann Dang, these gadgets are also ideal for preparing bread and cheese.

This dish is a quick and satisfying pizza that can be prepared in an air fryer. Aside from the cheese, it also features a sauce and naan bread.


Air fryers are a great way to prepare frozen gnocchi. The first time she tried them, she was a little disappointed.

Baby Carrots

Baby carrots are one of the easiest vegetables to prepare in an air fryer. According to Zach Cummings, the intense heat of the fryer produces a beautiful caramelization.

For a truly caramelized carrot, coat them in olive oil, fennel seeds, and fresh thyme. They should be cooked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes.

Kale Chips.

Since air fryers use hot air to remove surface moisture from food, they’re great for making kale chips.

Stuffed Peppers

You can make stuffed peppers incredibly satisfying with a variety of fillings, such as cheese, bacon, and fresh vegetables.


Popping zucchini pieces in bread crumbs makes for a healthy side dish.

Potato Chips

Air fryers are commonly used to turn thin slices of potato into crisp chips. However, they can also be made with other vegetables, such as sweet potatoes.

Chicken Wings

Wings are usually high in calories and have a high glycemic index. Air-frying them instead of helps keep them low in total calories.

Is Air Fryer a Healthy Option?

Air fryers are generally healthier than oil-immersed ones. They require less oil to properly cook.

Air fryers are becoming more prevalent in the market. According to experts, they can help people cut down on their fried food consumption.

The concept of microwave chips is to replace the oil and grease in regular cooking dishes with a low-fat alternative. They’re also designed to work well on low-heat food items.

While deep frying takes a bit longer than air fryer cooking, it’s not much longer. French fries typically take about 6 minutes to deep fry, while air fryers take around 12 minutes.

Unpopular Air Fryer Foods

Apple pie

This is a new favorite hack that involves using an air fryer to make apple pie. It’s a great size for a couple or a food writer who enjoys eating a whole pie in one sitting.

Baked potatoes

When it comes to preparing food, most people think of fried potato dishes. Just poke a few holes in the potato, and then cook it in the oven for 40 minutes.


You can make great burgers in the air fryer. Just place the patties in the fryer and cook for six minutes, or until they are nicely cooked and are set to cook for an additional three minutes.

Chicken parm

You can make chicken parm in an air fryer. Just coat the chicken in eggs and breadcrumbs, and then air fry it until it is nicely done.

Chocolate Lava Cake

This recipe from Grace Like Rain shows how to make a chocolate lava cake using the air fryer.

Cinnamon rolls

These cinnamon rolls are incredibly quick and easy to make. Just separate the rolls, place them in the fryer, and cook for around 8 minutes.

Cookies And CupCakes

Air fryers are similar to ovens in that they’re both easy to make and require only a few minutes to prepare. However, they’re also quicker. You can use silicone cus for cupcakes.


The best way to make croutons is to let the bread get really stale. This method works best if you’re not afraid to let the bread get overgrown with mold.


You can make fresh donuts at home with an air fryer. Just add yeast, milk, sugar, egg, butter, and flour to a food processor and blast it up.

Frozen Foods

We love air fryers for making quick and easy meals, but they can also be used to make some of your favorite frozen food items. Just make sure to check the directions when you make them.

Hard-boiled Eggs

Air fryers can also make hard-boiled eggs, though they should not be called fried. Instead, they should be referred to as boiled. They can also be fried 15 minutes after they’re finished.


Similar to frozen food, using an air fryer can bring life back to some of your favorite dishes. It can also transform ordinary food into something new and fresh.

Mexican Street Corn

This Mexican street corn dish is quick and easy to make. It uses a food processor to get the perfect texture and flavor.


You can use the air fryer to make freshly popped popcorn. There are a few tricks to make sure that it’s done right.


Air-Frying eggs is also an excellent preparation method for quiche. Just add a few eggs to a small, oven-safe dish and top with a few spoonfuls of cheese.


You can make these incredibly quick and easy to make using the air fryer. They require only a couple of minutes to cook.

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