Why Is My Blender Not Blending?

The last time my blender stopped working, I had to call an expert to fix it. He told me to open the bottom and remove the parts that are attached to it.

When I was younger, I thought about learning some tricks to help me avoid experiencing emergencies with my blender. This turned out to be a useful thing, as I now have the skills to handle some of my essential incidents without going to a mechanical shop.

Why Blender Stop Working?

The blender will not work properly if the power setting is too low. A faulty switch or damaged motor can also cause the blender to stop working. The blade will not turn properly if the drive stud is loose or worn out resulting in the malfunction of the blender.

Today, I m going to share some simple and effective ways to fix a broken blender. These tips and tricks were learned by me from my experience and have been shared with you.

What To Check For When Blender Does Not Work?

The blender may not work properly if the fuse, blade, or motor is damaged. The overloading of food can also stop the blender from blending food.

Due to its heavy usage, it could get affected by various issues.

1. Check for power connectivity

If the blender is not working, try to check its power connectivity by removing the cord from its power supply. Then, test the electrical switch by holding it at the desired position.

2. Clean the terminals

The easiest way to clean the terminals of a blender is by removing the plastic faceplate. Then, take out the screws holding the switch buttons and the housing.

3. Check the fuse

Before performing a test, make sure that the fuse is at the end of the wire that’s connected to the terminal. This will help determine if the current is high or low.

4. Make sure the blender is not jamming

If the blender is not working, it could be jammed. To check this issue, first, disassemble the drive and turn the blade shaft.

5. Do a final check

Most of the time, a simple issue or a technical issue is the cause of the blender not working. If you can’t fix the issue, then you should seek professional help.

After all of these steps have been completed, the blender should be working fine. Just press its switch and it should start working.

How to fix a blender motor?

With some accessories and parts, you can repair the damaged blender. You need to check and replace the fuse and jar coupling if needed.

A blender works by having its blades connected to the motors. These components are attached to a metal stud or coupling. Over time, the motor can get overloaded.

Step 1

Use the volt-ohm meter to check the condition of your blender. If it doesn’t give a reading, then it’s time to replace the components.

Step 2

Lift the switch housing off the base by lifting the corners of the decal or the cover of the pushbutton.

Step 3

You need to clean the electrical contacts of the devices to prevent them from getting damaged. To clean the parts, wipe them with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 4

If the fuse is blown out, remove the wire connector and the lead-containing fuse. If the reading is high, replace the fuse.

Step 5

You can also remove the blade coupling by loosening the blade using a sponge or cotton. White grease will also help remove the grease from the blade.

Step 6

Position the cap nut on the jar coupling and start to replace it. If the coupling is faulty, hold the motor shaft with the pliers and remove it.

Why Is Ninja Blender Not Blending Smooth?

Sometimes, the Ninja blender will stop blending smoothly. This issue can affect your cooking flow and cause issues with the device. Fortunately, there are various solutions that can help you get through this issue.

Ninja blenders are known to have various issues when it comes to making smooth and precise mixes. There are a variety of factors that can cause this issue, such as an unassembled blender, poor settings, and clogged blades.

  1. Check power supply

An issue with the power supply can also cause issues with the motor of blenders. This is why it is important to check the power supply of another kitchen appliance first.

2. Inspect the multispeed switch

A multispeed switch is an important component of the Ninja blender. Before removing it, make sure that the inner wires are not pinched and that the switch is not shorted.

3. Service the blades

Having the blades serviced will prevent the issues from happening in the first place. This will also help prevent the blades from turning unevenly.

4. Service the motor

The motor works well when the blender is handled correctly. However, if it gets overheated, it can cause a fire hazard.

5. Correct ingredients order

If you are not adding the proper ingredients to the blender, then it will not smooth down the consistency. Another thing to do is to add fresh fruits and vegetables to the blender.

6. Keep your blender clean

Make sure that the Ninja blender’s blades aren’t full of non-food particles. Also, make sure that the non-food particles are tucked away neatly.

How To Fix Leakage Of Blender?

If the blender stopped working due to leakage from the bottom, you need to fix that by proper cleaning by removing the gasket. If there is a crack at the bottom of the jar, it may cause leakage of the blender.

If the jar bottom is cracked or not, check it first. If it does, replace it. Also, make sure that the jar has a soft and non-noticeable creak.

It is possible that the gasket is leaking or the liquid is jam or overloaded. To fix this issue, remove the cover and clean it thoroughly.

Sometimes, a blender can leak black liquid, which is a combination of grime and liquid ingredients. Follow these steps to prevent it and fix the issue.

How To Fix Burning Smell Of Blender?

The faulty fuse can cause a burning smell that needs to be replaced. Cleaning with a damp towel is also another option to fix the burnt blender.

If the noises from the tests are not coming from the bearings then try running the motor outside with a cup of water in it for a while and boil the rest of the lubricant.

After a few minutes, remove the towel and carefully touch the wires of the blender. Turn the blender on and test its electrical connections.

While removing the motor’s cover, make a barricade with a thick dry cloth. Use the cord to plug it back into the outlet.

So, sometimes it is ok, sometimes it is not. These are some steps to determine what to do if your decanter shows signs of trouble.

The most common cause of the smell is the high-speed wound of the motor coil. It can also cause an off-grass smell.

Tips For Blending The Smoothies Properly

To blend the smoothies with perfect consistency, you need to add the liquid first, and after proper blending finish up by adding frozen items and solid. It is better to start blending at a low speed and blend until smooth.

A good blender is fairly simple to use. Just follow these simple steps to make sure it works properly.

1. Affordable Price

If you’re constantly making dips and spreads, then you’ll want a high-end blender. But, if you’re just doing basic ice-making, then a mid-priced blender is ideal.

2. Order matters

One of the most important things to keep in mind when using a blender is the order in which the ingredients are added.

3. Avoid bubbles

cavitation is a phenomenon that occurs when a buildup of air bubbles forms inside a blender. It can cause issues with mixing and cooling, and it can also stop you from moving forward.

4. Tamp it down

The blades can get stuck in the blender and stop moving. Fortunately, there’s a way to get them back on track: Use a tamper.

5. Cut to fit

Chop apples in half and place them in the jar. Also, cut all fresh food items into half-inch pieces to fit in the jar.

6. Make soup hot without a stove

If you use a high-performance blender, like the Wolf Gourmet, it can actually heat up your soup. Its blades are designed to create enough friction to create enough heat to actually warm the soup.

7. Aerate wine

Instead of waiting for the wine to cool down, Pour the contents of the bottle into the blender and whirl it until it’s aerated. This method works for most wines.

8. Use the emulsion cup

A good blender comes with an emulsion cup. This is a great way to add oil to salad dressing or marinades. It works by pouring the oil into the cup, and it does so in a steady stream.

9. Just add dish soap to clean

Putting your hands into the jar is the easiest way to clean your blender. Instead, mix a couple of drops of dish soap into the jar and run it through the machine.

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